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                                          HEALTH AWARENESS

Our Organisation AIMSEVEN (Regd.) is currently engaged in a New Project on Health Awareness with the ‘target people’ (including Students and T / NT Staffs) of University, College, School (above VIII-th level). And at the same time, Projects on BPL families and the Students of Primary & JH Standard are also running in full swing.

Highlights :

The ‘Health Awareness Campaign’ includes.

Seminar on : Cause of the Disease and Awareness as Preventive Measure,

a) Cancer


c) Diabetes

d) Cardiac Care

e) Alzheimer’s,

as well as,

General Health & Nutrition

*Free Treatment and Medicine for poor (from ‘Aimseven Charitable Diagnostic Centre’, open to all for everyday) and Regular Health Check-up Campswith cooperation of Schools and Organisations in Rural Areas.

Next Projects (on CANCER)

General Survey & Awareness Campaigning

Cervical and Breast Cancer

** ‘Prevention and Early Detection’ Programme of National Cancer Control Directorate, as Project Executive Partner for Districts, Nadia and 24 Pgs. (N)

** Awaits Finalisation

 The New Project on YOGA

                                                                     YOGA for HEALTH

With other activities for Social Welfare AIMSEVEN initiates Health Awareness mainly among the youths and youngs as well as the people of all ages. Arranging Yoga & Meditation Camps in Educational Institutions and other Organisations, as a part of Youth Welfare, for sound Mental and Physical Health and with a view to maintain Peace and Harmony in Society.

Eminent Yoga Teachers and Experts in the field teach and advice for proper and effective methods appropriate for the individuals, according to capability and condition of the learner. Hundreds of beneficiaries, from these classes, are now in stable Physique and Mind.

World famous Yoga Gurus had given support by all means to continue our centres; and to promote Yoga as a Basic Therapy, from the very beginning of Indus Civilization, the Source of Long, Healthy and Vigourous Life, as lead by the Saints and Monks of Ancient India.

We feel the Moral Liability to Ayurveda and Yoga our Eternal Phenomena of Care and Cure with no side effects that may be harmful in future.

AIMSEVEN seeks your co-operation to ensure a prosperous National Force of Youths to make a corruption-free Society we need mostly in now-a-days.

From this point of view, we would like to call Individuals, Schools and Colleges as well as the Social Welfare Organisations to contact for the next Session of Yoga Therapy and Ayurvedic Medication.

Our Past :         Vedic Civilization

Our Present :    Scientific Base of Ancient Methods

Our Future :      Peace andSound Health through Modernisation in Practice

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