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Conducting Tournaments and Coordinating with other Organizations in making their Events Every Success. We are always ready to offer services in Constructive Programmes initiated by whomever of our Society, for the sake of Good Health of our Future Generation.

Giving assistance in all Medical, Para-medical, Nursing and Therapeutic cases of our neighboring locality and at any location with other NGOs, in times of Crisis and Disaster or Calamity.

Promoting with Financial Aid for the poor but brilliant Students of School Level. Running a Free Counselling Unit for Youths in getting proper Education and Career, with the help of Eminent and Experienced Teachers and Professionals.

Campaigning against Smoking and Spitting in Public Places, as well as, prohibiting the users of banned Polythene bags and misuse of water, oil, gas and other Natural Resources.

Helping Rural and Suburban People mainly the Women, with Interest-Free Micro-Finance for Small and Cottage Industries, to uplift their Economic Standard, as well as, the Standard of Life, through utilizing their free times, after their Works of daily life and Leisure.

Our Cultural Unit is of vigour and vitality in Performing Stage Programmes and Road Shows of Dance, Drama, Song, Music and Art Exhibition etc. with the Poor and Distressed Children of underprivileged villages.

Dedicated Volunteers of our Organization, with their spread hands towards the People in Need, are attending without asking the time and distance to help the wretched ones. And distributing Food, Cloth, Blanket, Medicine etc. including Mental Support to them in overcoming the thought of helplessness.

With all Legal and Moral Strength, AIMSEVEN is always beside the Society around us. And we will Fight against the Evils, threatening our Beloved Mankind; and we are determined to Combat the Foes of The Nature.

We Oath to render Non-stop SERVICE to Eradicate the Creators of Crisis and Self-Made Prophets through the Re-Establishment of ETERNAL HUMANE FAITH.

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