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*Before Opening the Pages*, the Rules & Regulations disclaimer must be read by the user of the website. We seek your co-operation; to check fraudulence, hacking and other cyber crimes; for the sake of Security.

Privacy Policy & Right

Secrecy will be maintained by all aspects. The information will be protected and used as particular source only. And credit will be given to those who have no objection in publishing (subject to instant decision of the empowered authority) his/her name or nickname for the information used in our database by any sort of form / type (i.e. Publication, Journal, Electronic Gadget for Audio-Visual Media etc.). And will be stored / preserved as a property of AIMSEVEN for future use or if needed in Public Interest, as we feel the liability to Mankind, as well as, to Statute Authority.

Disclaimer (Terms & Conditions)

Although every care has been taken in preparing the database on establishments, educational institutions and other voluntary organizations, yet it may not be error free. The database may be used as a broad reference. AIMSEVEN shall not be held responsible for any loss or legal implications on account of flaws in the database. For authentic information on the conditions of recognition/license of any establishment, organization, institution, NGO, NPO and any other Body (under Act for Registration of Society, Trust etc.), mentioned herein, the relevant Gazette notification should be consulted.  Further, the prospective guests and anyone related to, in their interest may also check the status of 'affiliation'/`statute order’/`license’ of the establishments, institutions and organizations from the concerned Institute/Authority/Affiliating Body, in respect of Memorandum, before taking decision and/or being connected with. And, before making any agreement, deed, financial transaction or submitting any document either in original or copy, though by their own discretion, all concerned are requested to cross check with the relevant / competent authority.

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